Graphic Influences

When young Edward Lewis was confined to home with rheumatic fever, he was entertained with a diet of comics and some 35mm film. Some of those comics were imported from America.

Entrance to Hull College of Art and Design where Lewis achieved his diploma

Ted Lewis was not only prodigious in sketching for friends at Art College and commercially, he was a talented oil painter

Lewis also had his painting of his Grandmother accepted for and exhibited at the Ferens Art Gallery, Victoria Square, Hull in or around 1961. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this painting, please let us know.

Barton upon Humber Sketches of the old town

In 1979, Dr John Ball, Lewis’ General Practitioner and friend, commissioned the impecunious novelist to reproduce sketches of Old Barton. Sketches of Old Barton from the doctor’s substantial collection of historical prints. The price paid was £100 and when the work was complete, Dr Ball donated the prints to Barton Civic Society in whose custody they now remain. They are exhibited from time to time but prints may be purchased in Barton upon Humber. They may not be reproduced without consent. © Barton Civic Society 1979

 Yellow Submarine

Ted Lewis was the Animation Clean-up Supervisor on the Beatles Yellow Submarine. See typical image for which Lewis was responsible.

The Artistic Director was the celebrated Heinz Edelmann This ground-breaking cartoon was released in 1968. Wikpedia had a detailed exposition and the film is available for purchase online including youtube.

 Graphic Art

Ted Lewis was a talented cartoonist, graphic artist and painter. View some of his work and later sketches of Old Barton.

Ted Lewis gave sketches away to his friends and acquaintances (see Painting above)

Animation and Book Illustration

The Lone Ranger

His first published book illustrations were for Alan Delgado’s Hot Water Bottle Mystery.

He was also responsible for graphic contributions to:  

The Lone Ranger a cartoon series n the 1960’s 

Dying for a Smoke an anti-smoking film 1967

Zokko! a children’s television series 1970

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